Nancy Birtwhistle

The Day Great British Bake Off Winner Nancy Came to Bettys

On 5 December, Nancy Birtwhistle, winner of 2014’s Great British Bake Off, joined forces with us to deliver a one-off demonstration course.

We are all Bake Off fans at the Cookery School and so were thrilled that Yorkshire woman Nancy was crowned winner this year. It was a real honour that she did her first demonstration with us, particularly because her approach to baking is so close to the one that we share with our customers: consistently good tasting cakes and bakes delivered through mastering the basics, practical ‘know how’ and attention to detail.

Standing behind our demonstration counter, Nancy said ‘I feel so proud and so privileged to be invited here to Bettys today. I think people are wanting to learn how to bake again which really excites me because there was a worry that some of these skills were going to disappear. I came here on a cookery course 12 years ago. Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the one giving the demonstration!’

Nancy demonstrated two festive recipes – her delicious
Festive Leftover Quiche (PDF, 360Kb) with her signature pastry and a Cranberry and Orange Swiss Roll (PDF, 446Kb). We are pleased to share these recipes with you so you can try them for yourself.

We were delighted to share this lovely experience with an intimate audience of aspiring bakers, including some of our most regular Cookery School customers and some ‘next generation’ bakers who we’ve supported through our Cooking for Schools programme.

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